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madigan i bleed: a decade of song.

i bleed is a preserving of songs. All you curious for mad material this is a conduit retrospective for you. for all of us. to share + spread. this is a collection of madigan's work from her first 10 years of composing. features 1 new song and many rarities. at this time the B.Mad back catalog is all sold out, so we have gathered this collection to put these songs back in flight, some of which have not been available for years. contains most of the often requested tunes --thanks to the movies! recently repressed with cover portrait by Cristy C Road. Each pressing is a little different, just for you. a connectivity. a song. a mvmnt. a moment. a limited edition wonder ....a reel melody meets art present. Thank you for your presence.

1. running ++
2. vigil `
3. snowfell summer +
4. inch x inch **
5. glass vase cello case *
6. swarm ~
7. smoke signals from the burnpile +
8. lesson in ride ..
9. scraps ++
10. moontime *
11. pity rock .
12. mad skywriting ++
13. downtrodden up ++
14. for life long scars +
15. dishes & spoons +

a decade of song 1994-2004
1995 – Tattle Tattle Sew True *
1996 – Madigan Rock Stop .
1998 – Bonfire Madigan …from the Burnpile +
1999 – Bonfire Madigan Lesson In Ride/Invincible 7"..
2000 - Bonfire Madigan Saddle the Bridge ++
2001 – Bonfire Madigan Sleeping Off Stolen Dreams Comp ~
2002 - Bonfire Madigan 88 EP `
2003 – Bonfire Madigan Plays for Change inchxinchdemoversion **

this intro/retrospective collection features the invaluable contributions of stellar musicians: jen wood, shelley doty, tomas, sheri ozeki, sunshine haire, lora macfarlane, christine lehmann, jonathan hughes

$15.00 (shipping included, 2-3 weeks)

$18.00 (International Shipping)

all songs © madigan shive, moonpuss music (ascap), * glass vase cello case © shive/wood

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